Disk Box v4.2 - Tips

Disk Box v4.2 - Setup Tips

⚙️ Setup for Success

Tip #1: Use a “level” or “measure” app on your mobile phone if you don’t have a level to ensure the Disk Box is as level as possible vertically and horizontally. 

Tip #2:  Raise or lower the extendable/adjustable casters and legs to keep the Disk Box opening as flush with the cut table as possible. Cut table legs may be adjusted too, if needed.

Tip #3: Position the door and door swing so it’s easiest for TM’s at the stretch table to access.

🚀 Maximum Efficiency

Minimize operational changes at the cut table as much as possible until your team members are comfortable with the new norm. Here’s an example of how to keep it simple:

  • Remove product from oven
  • Box product
  • Slide pizza disk into Disk Box with a quick flick of the hand or twist of the pizza peel
  • Place boxed product on heat rack
  • Repeat

As sorted pizza disks begin to collect above the lower capacity indicator slots on the side panels, consider removing the pizza disks when possible. This will allow the fastest rotation for use of each pizza disk.

These tips and the Disk Box v4.02will get you started on the right track toward operating with a cleaner and significantly larger working surface are at cut table throughout the entire rush. 

❗️Training team member’s to use a consistent method of managing pizza disks while using the Disk Box during rush will improve efficiency and reduce carbon build-up on pizza disks.