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Disk Box v4.2

Efficient cut table operations begin with incredible innovations, such as, the Disk Box. Imagine a new experience for your team members while they dominate the rush with a clutter-free cut table! The Disk Box allows for creative use of extra table-top space and table configurations for this area of the operation. 

With dimensions of only 20"x16"x38", the Disk Box brings space-generating value to your operation, while automatically eliminating excess crumb build-up, sorting, and storing pizza disks.

The Disk Box makes it easy for team members to access pizza disks without interfering in cut table operations. 

Each component of the Disk Box was designed to introduce efficiencies to your operation so enormous that it would not only save time and make efficient use of dead space. 

Bring relief, ergonomic efficiency and organization to your team with additional table top space and let the Disk Box keep the carbon off your pizza disks.

Think inside the box...

  • Enhanced Protection

    Protects your pizza disks from debris and contaminants by storing them in a cabinet designed with food safety in mind and made entirely of NSF approved materials. 

  • Save More Time

    Keeps pizza disks clean for longer periods of time, and now they are easier to clean than ever. 

  • Improve Product Quality

    Actively removes carbon buildup and crumbs from pizza disks to consistently improve the bake of your products.

Think outside the box...

  • No Tools Required

    All panels remove quickly without tools to ensure effortless access to easily keep your Disk Box clean. 

  • Maximize Efficiency

    Sorts and stores up to 150 pizza disks, essentially doubling the size of your working surface area at the cut table during rush.

  • Focus on Perfection

    Reduce unnecessary distractions when it matters most. Enable maximum engagement with customers and team members, product quality, and service time awareness.

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