Disk Box v4.2: Pizza Disk Decarbonator & Organizer

Cut table organization systems start with the Disk Box. Imagine a new experience for your team members while they dominate the rush with a clutter-free cut table! The Disk Box allows for creative use of extra table-top space and table configurations for this area of the operation. 

With dimensions of only 20"x16"x38", the Disk Box brings space-generating value to your operation, while automatically eliminating excess crumb build-up, sorting, and storing pizza disks.

The Disk Box makes it easy for team members to access pizza disks without interfering in cut table operations. 

Each component of the Disk Box was designed to introduce efficiencies to your operation so enormous that it would not only save time and make efficient use of dead space. 

Bring relief, ergonomic efficiency and organization to your team with additional table top space and let the Disk Box keep the carbon off your pizza disks.

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Think inside the box...

  • Enhanced Protection

    Protects your pizza disks from debris and contaminants by storing them in a cabinet designed with food safety in mind and made entirely of NSF approved materials. 

  • Save More Time

    Keeps pizza disks clean for longer periods of time, and now they are easier to clean than ever. 

  • Improve Product Quality

    Actively removes carbon buildup and crumbs from pizza disks to consistently improve the bake of your products.

Think outside the box...

  • No Tools Required

    All panels remove quickly without tools to ensure effortless access to easily keep your Disk Box clean. 

  • Maximize Efficiency

    Sorts and stores up to 250 pizza disks, essentially doubling the size of your working surface area at the cut table, even during rush.

  • Focus on Perfection

    Reduces cut table distractions by allowing team members to focus on product quality and order accuracy, instead of shifting and sorting stacks of pizza disks.


How does the Disk Box v4.0 work?

The Disk Box v4.0 uses a patent pending design to efficiently and effectively sort pizza disks. Slide a pizza disk into the Disk Box v4.0 after boxing a pizza and the Disk Box v4.0 takes care of the rest!

What size pizza disks will the Disk Box v4.0 sort and store?

The Disk Box v4.0 effectively sorts 12” and 14” pizza disks.

When should I use the Disk Box v4.0?

The Disk Box v4.0 is your best friend at the cut table 24/7, especially during rush!

How many pizza disks can the Disk Box v4.0 hold?

The Disk Box v4.0 can store up to 250 pizza disks.

Does the Disk Box v4.0 clean pizza disks?

The unique method of sorting and storing pizza disks with the Disk Box v4.0 actively removes excess crumbs and carbon build-up from pizza disks. This means your team can spend more time dominating the rush and less time cleaning!

Does the Disk Box v4.0 accommodate different table heights?

The Disk Box v4.0 design is innovative down to the adjustable casters and legs for compatibility with 34” or 36” tabletops. 

Can I change the disk access door configuration?

Without tools you can place the pizza disk access door on either side of the Disk Box v4.0, and reverse the direction of the door swing. 

Is the Disk Box v4.0 easy to clean?

The Disk Box v4.0 exterior panels are quickly removed without use of tools for convenient access and thorough cleaning.

Where can I use the Disk Box v4.0 in my store?

The Disk Box v4.0 was designed to accommodate multiple store configurations and works anywhere. If you can't slide pizza disks into the Disk Box v4.0, use the "drop-in" method by scooping pizza disks into the Disk Box v4.0 with a pizza peel!

Is the Disk Box v4.0 NSF certified?

The Disk Box v4.0 is made entirely of NSF approved materials and protects your pizza disks from surrounding dust and debris. 

Does the Disk Box v4.0 have a warranty?

The Disk Box v4.0 was designed and manufactured to provide ROI and operational ergonomic efficiency to your operators for years. You are our friend and we stand by the quality and durability of our products.

If your Disk Box v4.0 is malfunctioning due to manufacturing defects, just let us know and we will take care of you by replacing your Disk Box v4.0 or defective parts.

What are the dimensions?

L x W x H: 20" x 16" x 38"

Weight: 46 lbs

Is assembly required?

The Disk Box v4.0 is ready for the rush right out of the box.